My name is Lan Diep and I'm your District 4 representative on the San Jose City Council.

I am the firstborn son of Vietnamese refugees, who never let me take for granted the opportunities I've been given in America. My parents taught my brother and me to make the most of every situation and give back to society. I've dedicated myself to public service because I want to help others succeed in the same way others have helped me and my family. Prior to becoming your Councilmember, I was a civil legal aid attorney. I got my start helping fishermen and small business owners in the Gulf Coast after the BP Oil Disaster. For my work helping working families in the Gulf, President Barack Obama recognized me as a Champion of Change and President George H. W. Bush honored me with a Daily Point of Light Award.

I returned to San Jose and directed the Vietnamese American Workers' Rights Project, helping limited-English-proficient workers learn about and defend their rights in the workplace. As a legal aid attorney working to close the justice gap, I had many wins for people in need, but realized that I was doing the same thing again and again for different people. I wanted a bigger lever to effect greater, more impactful change for more people. When the opportunity presented itself, I made the choice to run for San Jose . City Council. I lost my first race by 13 votes. A year later, I ran again, and with a groundswell of support from voters in Berryessa, North San Jose, and Alviso, I won by 12 votes, unseating an incumbent. I'm running for re-election in 2020 and I'm asking you to believe again in the great things we can do together.

I've called San Jose my home for over 20 years. I'm invested in our city's success. As your councilmember I've worked to encourage more affordable housing to be built, helped facilitate the growth of our police force to over 1,100 officers, and pushed to expand educational opportunities to underserved communities. I'm proud of what I've accomplished but I know there's still so much more to do.

Throughout my life, I've worked on behalf of people at the margins, for minorities, communities of color, and limited-English-proficient populations. I care about these communities because their experiences reflect my own. I believe that every voice counts. I know that every vote counts. I commit to you that I will continue fighting to make San Jose a more affordable place, a safer place, and a more livable place.



Mayor Sam Liccardo

"Lan Diep has been a strong voice for District 4 and our entire city. I know we can count on him to support good jobs, housing solutions, better services and a safer, stronger San Jose. I strongly endorse his re-election in 2020."

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