District 4

Partnered with staff to complete a new, state-of-the-art Alviso Flood Pump Station to protect . residents against flooding

Solicited community input by hosting multiple community meetings on the Berryessa Urban Village planning process

Organized monthly Dumpster Days to help keep our communities clean

Administered a successful . opening of Iris Chang Park

Held numerous community forums with city officials, with intention to engage our residents

Hosted monthlyCommunity Office Hours to understand directly the needs of our residents

Supported and secured funding for a dog park at Penitencia Creek Park, there paving of Piedmont Rd. in 2020, and most recently for all-new water fountains in every park

Installed a new crosswalk at Isadora and Piedmont

Handled constituent requests for services city-wide from addressing pothole repairs, and broken streetlights, to handling responses for abandoned vehicles, and more

Public Safety

After years of decline, administered the process of full police academies and growth of our police force to over 1,100 officers

Launched the police “guardian” program to deter and respond to potential active shooters at schools and large city events

Partnered with AirBnB to house potential disaster victims

Supported new ordinance to make it easier for police officers to prevent street racing

Led efforts to pass Measure T, which will allow the building of a new Fire Station 23 for Berryessa residents improving response times

Increased pay for our fire fighters to keep our force competitive

Increased pay for our police officers in an effort to boost  morale and support our public safety


Launched our digital inclusion fund, to provide free Wi-Fi access to residents without internet access so kids can do homework

Supported expansion of summer learning programs for under served kids from TK – 3rd grade

Expanded library hours from four days a week to six

Championed San Jose Promise,a program providing free community college to historically underrepresented student

Started a Youth in Government Program encouraging our high school students to learn about local government

Provided $1,000 in . grant funding to each elementary, middle, and high school in District 4 to assist our teachers in improving the learning experience for all of our students

Economic Development

Focused on preserving money-generating industrial and employment lands from being converted to other uses across the city

Focused on aligning our city’s zoning and General Plan land use designations to make it easier to build homes and businesses in San Jose

Helped negotiate a profitable sale of land to Google to bring new life to downtown

Attracted HP Enterprise headquarters to relocated in NSJ

Attracted Bloom Energy to establish a headquarters in NSJ

Attracted Micron Technology to move headquarters to NSJ

Attracted Nio to establish headquarters in NSJ

Supported lifting building heights downtown to concentrate density there